Appartement huren Den Haag

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  • Appartement Van Beuningenstraat in 's-Gravenhage

    Appartement Van Beuningenstraat

    Per direct, voor onbepaalde tijd
    • 2200 p/m
    • 137m2
    • Onbekend
    • Family house situated in the Statenkwartier, near the shopping street "the Fred", a bright and spacious 4 bedroom apartment of 137m2. Fitted with a new kitchen and…

  • Appartement De Savornin Lohmanlaan in 's-Gravenhage

    Appartement De Savornin Lohmanlaan

    Per direct, voor onbepaalde tijd
    • 1195 p/m
    • 70m2
    • Onbekend
    • Cozy and fully furnished turn-key apartment with 1-bedroom at the Savornin Lohmanlaan 64. The apartment is situated on the 2nd floor with elevator access in a…

  • Appartement Van Bylandtstraat in 's-Gravenhage

    Appartement Van Bylandtstraat

    Per direct, voor onbepaalde tijd
    • 1795 p/m
    • 100m2
    • Onbekend
    • Luxurious and fully renovated ground floor apartment with garden. Located next to the city centre from this fully furnished and turn-key apartment has been fully…

  • Appartement Ametisthorst in 'S-GRAVENHAGE

    Appartement Ametisthorst

    Per direct, voor onbepaalde tijd
    • 1295 p/m
    • 92m2
    • Onbekend
    • Fully renovated 2/3-bedroom apartment in a modern apartment building at the Ametisthorst. Recently renewed kitchen and floors. Spacious and bright bedrooms with…

  • Appartement Dibbetsstraat in 's-Gravenhage

    Appartement Dibbetsstraat

    Per direct, voor onbepaalde tijd
    • 1295 p/m
    • 78m2
    • Onbekend
    • Modern and stylish one-bedroom apartment located at the Dibbetsstraat in The Hague. This turn-key and fully furnished apartment is situated on the border of the…

  • Appartement Paul Krugerlaan in Den Haag

    Appartement Paul Krugerlaan

    Per direct, voor onbepaalde tijd
    • 1050 p/m
    • 50m2
    • Onbekend
    • Brand new and modern one bedroom apartment with balcony. Fully renovated with a new kitchen open kitchen, bathroom with walk-in shower, laminate flooring and double…

  • Appartement Hamerstraat in 's-Gravenhage

    Appartement Hamerstraat

    Vanaf 01 december 2020, voor onbepaalde tijd
    • 1350 p/m
    • 55m2
    • Onbekend
    • Brand new city apartment on ground floor. Newly furnished two-bedroom apartment available located at Boekhorststraat on ground floor with garden. Brand new kitchen and…

  • Appartement Beeklaan in Den Haag

    Appartement Beeklaan

    Per direct, voor onbepaalde tijd
    • 1650 p/m
    • 90m2
    • Onbekend
    • Renovated and furnished 2-bedroom apartment with a fantastic garden. Brand new kitchen with island and bathroom with walk-in rain shower. Only high quality furniture…

  • Appartement Willem De Zwijgerlaan in 's-Gravenhage

    Appartement Willem De Zwijgerlaan

    Per direct, voor onbepaalde tijd
    • 2975 p/m
    • 226m2
    • Onbekend
    • Stately and spacious 4 bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms and balconies located in the heart of Statenkwartier at the Willem de Zwijgerlaan. Located near to the…

  • Appartement Piet Heinstraat in 's-Gravenhage

    Appartement Piet Heinstraat

    Vanaf 01 februari 2021, voor onbepaalde tijd
    • 995 p/m
    • 30m2
    • Onbekend
    • A modern and newly renovated one bedroom apartment with a contemporary bathroom and kitchen. The apartment of ca. 35m2 is fitted with brand new design furniture and…

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