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  • Appartement Goudenregenstraat in Den Haag
    • 1.495 p/m
    • 105m2
    • 3,0 km
    • Luxuriously renovated two bedroom apartment with a lovely balcony. The apartment is fitted with a brand new kitchen and bathroom, double glazed windows and laminate flooring throughout. The apartment…

  • Appartement Beeklaan in Den Haag
    • 1.650 p/m
    • 90m2
    • 2,2 km
    • Renovated and furnished 2-bedroom apartment with a fantastic garden. Brand new kitchen with island and bathroom with walk-in rain shower. Only high quality furniture is selected for this apartment. L…

  • Appartement Stalpertstraat in Den Haag
    • 1.795 p/m
    • 145m2
    • 4,4 km
    • A family house with four bedrooms and two balconies located in the green Duinzigt. Fitted with beautiful wooden flooring throughout and well-maintained. The house features a spacious and bright livin…

  • Appartement Willem De Zwijgerlaan in Den Haag
    • 2.975 p/m
    • 226m2
    • 3,4 km
    • Stately and spacious 4 bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms and balconies located in the heart of Statenkwartier at the Willem de Zwijgerlaan. Located near to the International Zone of The Hague with i…

  • Huurwoning Roggeveenstraat in Den Haag
    • 1.395 p/m
    • 76m2
    • 1,8 km
    • Exceptional and characteristic furnished 2-bedroom house with garden. This corner house is fully furnished home located at the Roggeveenstraat with 2 floors. The house has been fully renovated and is…

  • Appartement Paul Krugerlaan in Den Haag
    • 1.050 p/m
    • 50m2
    • 0,7 km
    • Brand new and modern one bedroom apartment with balcony. Fully renovated with a new kitchen open kitchen, bathroom with walk-in shower, laminate flooring and double glazed windows. A perfect apartmen…

  • Appartement Frankenslag in Den Haag
    • 1.195 p/m
    • 70m2
    • 3,5 km
    • Spacious and bright one bedroom apartment in the popular Statenkwartier with balcony. Located in a classy and popular street on the first floor of a historic but well-maintained building with many or…

  • Appartement Ametisthorst in Den Haag
    • 1.295 p/m
    • 92m2
    • 4,9 km
    • Fully renovated 2/3-bedroom apartment in a modern apartment building at the Ametisthorst. Recently renewed kitchen and floors. Spacious and bright bedrooms with amazing views over the city, sea and d…

  • Appartement Boekhorststraat in Den Haag
    • 1.250 p/m
    • 45m2
    • 0,9 km
    • Excellently renovated and furnished one-bedroom apartment available located at Boekhorststraat on the 1st floor. Brand new kitchen and bathroom with walk-in rain shower. Only high quality furniture h…

  • Appartement Roland Holstlaan in Delft
    • 995 p/m
    • 78m2
    • 0,9 km
    • Fully furnished and turn-key one bedroom apartment with a balcony at the Roland Holstlaan. Cozy and sunny apartment on the 6th floor of a modern apartment building with elevator access. The balcony o…

  • Appartement Conradkade in Den Haag
    • 1.395 p/m
    • 130m2
    • 1,5 km
    • Fully furnished and recently renovated double upper apartment. Spacious and luxurious apartment of 130m2 with a fantastic view over the canal. Located close within a 10 minute reach to international …

  • Appartement Van Kinsbergenstraat in Den Haag
    • 2.275 p/m
    • 160m2
    • 1,7 km
    • Renovated and spacious home with 5 bedrooms and a balcony located at the Van Kinsbergenstraat in The Hague. The kitchen is fully renewed and this 3-floor house has 3 toilets. Bathroom with a new walk…

  • Appartement van de Spiegelstraat in Den Haag
    • 1.800 p/m
    • 130m2
    • 2,0 km
    • Truly magnificent and grand two bedroom / two bathroom apartment with historic details and French balcony. The apartment features high ceilings with original ornament ceilings, wooden fishbone floori…

  • Appartement Van Bylandtstraat in Den Haag
    • 1.795 p/m
    • 100m2
    • 1,9 km
    • Luxurious and fully renovated ground floor apartment with garden. Located next to the city centre from this fully furnished and turn-key apartment has been fully renovated featuring a new and modern …

  • Appartement Van Slingelandtstraat in Den Haag
    • 1.595 p/m
    • 100m2
    • 3,3 km
    • Stately and spacious 2-bedroom apartment with balcony and nice and bright living room in the Statenkwartier area of The Hague at Van Slingelandtstraat. Located near to the International Zone of The H…

  • Studio Prinsestraat in Den Haag
    • 845 p/m
    • 45m2
    • 1,3 km
    • Renovated city loft apartment with an outdoor terrace at the Prinsestraat. This studio apartment on the 3rd floor of ca. 45m2 has a modern bathroom with bath and separate walk-in shower. The roof ter…

  • Appartement Gevers Deynootweg in Den Haag
    • 1.495 p/m
    • 95m2
    • 5,1 km
    • Sea view over the Scheveningse beach and skyline of The Hague. Modern and spacious, fully furnished 2-bedroom apartment with balcony and sea view located at the Gevers Deynootweg in the Scheveningen …

  • Appartement Vondelstraat in Den Haag
    • 1.550 p/m
    • 94m2
    • 1,5 km
    • Spacious and luminous fully furnished and turn-key 2-bedroom apartment with a balcony. Large windows and a bright living room on the street side. Lovely wooden flooring throughout the apartment. 2 sp…

  • Appartement Groenewegje in Den Haag
    • 1.825 p/m
    • 82m2
    • 1,2 km
    • Spacious and characteristic two bedroom apartment conveniently located on the first floor. The apartment is well positioned in a central location. It has been renovated recently and has a spacious li…

  • Appartement Dunne Bierkade in Den Haag
    • 2.575 p/m
    • 120m2
    • 1,1 km
    • A spacious and completely renovated luxury three bedroom apartment in the middle of the old city centre of The Hague. This apartment with it’s authentic stucco ceilings and wooden floors is an ide…

  • Appartement Van Boetzelaerlaan in Den Haag
    • 1.495 p/m
    • 103m2
    • 3,8 km
    • Fully renewed and renovated ground floor apartment with garden and 2 bedrooms at the Van Boetzelaerlaan. This high quality apartment of ca. 103m2 comes with a sunny garden, beautiful wooden flooring …

  • Huurwoning Neuhuyskade in Den Haag
    • 3.550 p/m
    • 180m2
    • 2,9 km
    • Luxurious and characteristic free standing villa at the Neuhuyskade in Benoordenhout. This spacious property of approx. 180m2 has a sunny garden all around. With 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms this is th…

  • Appartement Hamerstraat in Den Haag
    • 1.595 p/m
    • 55m2
    • 0,9 km
    • Brand new city apartment on ground floor. Newly furnished two-bedroom apartment available located at Boekhorststraat on ground floor with garden. Brand new kitchen and bathroom with walk-in rain show…

  • Appartement Troelstrakade in Den Haag
    • 390 p/m
    • 80m2
    • 1,3 km
    • Room in a fully renovated and furnished turn-key city home. This recently renewed state of the art house has a total of 4 rooms available. Perfect for colleagues or study mates who are searching for …

  • Appartement Assendelftstraat in Den Haag
    • 1.450 p/m
    • 58m2
    • 1,0 km
    • Sustainable and green fully renovated designer home in the middle of the historical city centre of The Hague at the beautiful Assendelftstraat. This home was built in the 18th century however inside …

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