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  • Apartment Geitstraat in Heerlen
    • 720 p/m
    • 83m2
    • 2.9 km
    • xxxxxxxxxxx offers: In the middle of the cozy shopping center of Heerlerheide is this 2 bedroom apartment. It features a living room with half open kitchen with a kitchenette. There are two bedrooms,…

  • Apartment Egstraat in Heerlen
    • 850 p/m
    • 85m2
    • 3.2 km
    • For rent in Heerlen a very spacious apartment with 2 bedrooms located on the 11th floor. This spacious apartment of approx. 85 m2 has a spacious living room of approx. 42 m2. The open kitchen is equ…

  • Apartment Egstraat in Heerlen
    • 752 p/m
    • 85m2
    • 3.2 km
    • No description available

  • Apartment Honigmannstraat in Heerlen
    • 885 p/m
    • 95m2
    • 0.7 km
    • xxxxxxxxxxx offers: Superb characteristic 2 bedroom apartment in the center of Heerlen with spacious roof terrace, two bathrooms and patio. The third floor apartment has a spacious living room (app…

  • House Haarlemstraat in Heerlen
    • 790 p/m
    • 100m2
    • 0.8 km
    • Very spacious corner house of 104m2 with no less than 4 bedrooms. The house is located in the Schaesberg district and has a spacious garden with driveway. Layout Ground floor: In the hall, on the le…

  • Apartment Lokerstraat in Heerlen
    • 695 p/m
    • 59m2
    • 2.9 km
    • xxxxxxxxxxx offers: 2 bedroom apartment on the first floor in the center of Heerlerheide. The entrance gives access to the hallway which opens into the spacious living room with open kitchen with ki…

  • Apartment Prinses Margrietstraat in Heerlen
    • 730 p/m
    • 80m2
    • 0.3 km
    • No description available

  • House Koraalerf in Heerlen
    • 820 p/m
    • 102m2
    • 2.9 km
    • No description available

  • Apartment Kerkraderweg in Heerlen
    • 750 p/m
    • 100m2
    • 1.9 km
    • No description available

  • House Ammonieterf in Heerlen
    • 775 p/m
    • 115m2
    • 3.0 km
    • No description available

  • Apartment Ruys de Beerenbroucklaan in Heerlen
    • 625 p/m
    • 120m2
    • 1.2 km
    • No description available

  • Apartment Muzenlaan in Heerlen
    • 735 p/m
    • 102m2
    • 0.8 km
    • xxxxxxxxxxx offers: Very spacious (approx. 102m2) 3 bedroom apartment with renovated separate kitchen on the fourth floor on top location next to the Loon in the center of Heerlen with a nice view. A…

  • Room Uilegats in Heerlen
    • 350 p/m
    • 17m2
    • 0.7 km
    • No description available

  • House Fossielenerf in Heerlen
    • 795 p/m
    • 78m2
    • 2.7 km
    • No description available

  • Apartment Eijmaelstraat in Heerlen
    • 675 p/m
    • 65m2
    • 0.2 km
    • No description available

Rooms Heerlen

Are you looking for a nice room in Heerlen? Then sign up quickly on! We have the largest selection of rooms and studios in Heerlen. So you're guaranteed to find a nice home.

Why rent a room in Heerlen?

Heerlen is a young, modern city that offers a lot of room for creativity. In this city you can rent student rooms from both private individuals and housing associations. At Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, you can take various HBO courses. In addition, the Open University has its own campus in Heerlen, where you can follow various studies at the WO level. These two schools are both located in the Welten-Benzenrade district. This is an ideal location for students to rent a room in Heerlen!

Street Art, museums, and other attractions in Heerlen

In Heerlen you will find all kinds of artworks scattered throughout the city, also called street art. This varies from mini paintings by unknown artists to mega paintings by famous artists. And all for free! In addition, there are several museums in Heerlen, such as the thermal spa museum and the Dutch Mining Museum. Are you not so crazy about art and culture? Then you can have fun with other activities in Heerlen. You can also enjoy shopping! In Heerlen you'll find the largest residential boulevard in Europe! In other words, enough reasons to rent a room in Heerlen!

Public transport

Both Zuyd University and the Open University are close to the city center. This makes it easy to get to the city center by bus, bike or even on foot. From the train station it is a 30 minute walk, but of course you can also take the bus. There are several bus stops in the city. So there is always a bus stop near your room.

Convinced of all the fun that Heerlen has to offer?

An additional advantage of renting a student room in Heerlen is the low rental prices. has the largest selection of (cheap) rooms and studios in Heerlen. Find your perfect student house for free now.
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