How high may the bare rent be?

For the bare rent there is the so-called 'points system'. For the different properties of your accommodation, such as surface area, heating, plumbing, etc., a number of points are awarded. By multiplying these points by a standard amount, the maximum reasonable rent is obtained. There is also a minimum reasonable rent. This is 55% of the maximum reasonable rent. The bare rent should always be between these two amounts.

There is a separate score for independent and non-self-contained housing. Using the calculation program's below you can easily calculate whether you pay too much or not.

Point system for a room: has a nice calculator

Points system for independent living: has a nice calculator
.More information: Rijksoverheid - Rental property

For 'liberalized' rental does not apply the points system. Homes with a liberalized rent are self-contained homes where the maximum reasonable bare rent is above the rent subsidy limit. This limit is around 710 euros (in 2015). More information

Also the rental price of housing in a national monument is not tied to the points system.

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