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  • Apartment Kleine Gracht in Maastricht
    • 1,275 p/m
    • 76m2
    • 0.3 km
    • No description available

  • Apartment Stellalunet in Maastricht
    • 1,350 p/m
    • 98m2
    • 1.0 km
    • Spacious neatly finished 2 bedroom apartment with sunny balcony/terrace and private parking located in the Ceramique area. The apartment is situated on a corner of the complex, and is facing the encl…

  • Apartment Havenstraat in Maastricht
    • 1,395 p/m
    • 56m2
    • 0.1 km
    • Luxurious and tastefully decorated 1 bedroom apartment with spacious balcony overlooking “de Thermen” in the prestigious “Stokstraatquarter”. From the Havenstraat you access the apartment complex; r…

  • House Boschcour in Maastricht
    • 1,900 p/m
    • 193m2
    • 0.9 km
    • Very spacious house located in the prestigious district Ceramique within walking distance of several shops and the cozy Wyck with all its shops and restaurants. There is a private garage and the high…

  • Apartment Kapelweg in Maastricht
    • 1,395 p/m
    • 85m2
    • 1.2 km
    • For rent in the popular neighborhood Sint Pieter near the center of Maastricht a very nice 2 bedroom apartment. The apartment is located in a small complex in a beautiful quiet location. All faciliti…

  • Apartment Schippersdreef in Maastricht
    • 1,150 p/m
    • 80m2
    • 2.8 km
    • No description available

  • Apartment Witmakersstraat in Maastricht
    • 1,700 p/m
    • 100m2
    • 0.4 km
    • Located in the middle of the center of Maastricht, this beautiful furnished apartment in a very neat and quiet apartment complex with private parking at the bottom of the building. Layout: spacious h…

  • Room Sint Antoniuslaan in Maastricht
    • 620 p/m
    • 23m2
    • 0.6 km
    • Beautiful recently renovated room with private facilities within walking distance of the bustling center (Wijck) of Maastricht. The room has an area of ​​23 m2. There is a beautiful laminate floor a…

  • Apartment Wycker Grachtstraat in Maastricht
    • 1,850 p/m
    • 87m2
    • 0.4 km
    • Located in the popular area Wyck in Maastricht, we offer this fully furnished apartment for rent. This apartment is in a modern style decorated and has 2 bedrooms, a terrace (sunny side) and your own…

  • House Padualaan in Maastricht
    • 1,495 p/m
    • 144m2
    • 2.3 km
    • THIS HOUSE IS NOT AVAILABLE TO SHARE OR FOR STUDENTS In a beautiful historical building, in the friendly neighborhood located Scharn, a house with a for - and spacious backyard, a large driveway a…

  • House President Rooseveltlaan in Maastricht
    • 1,900 p/m
    • 130m2
    • 1.3 km
    • No description available

  • Studio Theodoor Schaepkensstraat in Maastricht
    • 945 p/m
    • 35m2
    • 0.7 km
    • Spacious studio for rent from November 01, 2021 in the heart of WYCK. The studio is located on the first floor at the back of the building and has an area of ​​35 square meters. The studio has its o…

  • Apartment Kesselskade in Maastricht
    • 2,950 p/m
    • 155m2
    • 0.1 km
    • The star of Maastricht for rent! Very luxurious Maisonette with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a very spacious living room, located in the city centre of Maastricht. Besides private parking and sauna, t…

  • Apartment Stellalunet in Maastricht
    • 2,000 p/m
    • 113m2
    • 1.0 km
    • For rent in the popular Ceramique district a very spacious and luxuriously furnished apartment with 2 bedrooms. You also have your own parking space under the complex. Layout: The apartment is locat…

  • Apartment Stellalunet in Maastricht
    • 1,425 p/m
    • 105m2
    • 1.0 km
    • Furnished 2 bedroom apartment with spacious balcony in the popular Ceramique area, situated quitely at an enclosed yard with pond. Private in the underground parking lot. Situated on the first floor.…

  • House Camphaag in Maastricht
    • 1,295 p/m
    • 130m2
    • 3.0 km

  • Apartment Abtstraat in Maastricht
    • 1,565 p/m
    • 96m2
    • 0.7 km
    • Very nice and fully equipped apartment on the 2nd floor in a modern apartment complex with 2 bedrooms, balcony and private storage room in the basement. This contemporary complex has an elevator and…

  • Apartment Achter de Comedie in Maastricht
    • 2,100 p/m
    • 169m2
    • 0.2 km
    • This stately monumental and fully furnished apartment, on the ground floor, is located in the heart of the Centre of Maastricht. This unique house has an industrial loft architecture and features, am…

  • Apartment Sphinxlunet in Maastricht
    • 1,595 p/m
    • 126m2
    • 0.8 km
    • Stylish unfurnished apartment located at Center Ceramique in Maastricht. The apartment complex of which the object is part is characterized by its modern architecture, beautiful finish and exclusive …

  • House Jekerschans in Maastricht
    • 1,750 p/m
    • 125m2
    • 1.4 km
    • Beautiful semi-detached semi-furnished house, which was almost completely renovated in 2012, located in the much-loved district of St. Pieter. Within walking distance to the historic center of Maastr…

  • House Hoge Barakken in Maastricht
    • 1,950 p/m
    • 125m2
    • 0.7 km
    • NO STUDENTS NOR SHARING This furnished penthouse with 3 bedrooms, loggia, own parking and private storage is located on the border of Wyck and Céramique. In front of the building you find a small pa…

  • House Ambyerstraat Noord in Maastricht
    • 2,100 p/m
    • 125m2
    • 3.2 km
    • This beautiful and fully renovated house (158m2) has 4 bedrooms (10m2, 15m2, 16m2 and 28m2), 2 bathrooms and a cozy spacious garden with lots of privacy and less than 4 km from the center of Maastric…

  • Apartment Sphinxlunet in Maastricht
    • 1,750 p/m
    • 116m2
    • 0.8 km
    • NO STUDENTS NOR SHARING We may present this spacious, stylish, upholstered apartment with 2 bedrooms, loggia facing south, inside storage room, private storage room in the basement and private parki…

  • House Schippersdreef in Maastricht
    • 1,140 p/m
    • 87m2
    • 2.8 km
    • NO STUDENTS Nice house located in the very popular neighbourhood Belfort, at short distance from several facilities (Brusselse poort). The house is located 7 minutes by bike from the city centre and…

  • House Hertogsingel in Maastricht
    • 2,850 p/m
    • 221m2
    • 1.0 km
    • No description available

Room Maastricht

Looking for a room in Maastricht? That will certainly work at our site! We have the largest selection of rooms and studios . Through you will find the perfect student house in no time!

Why rent a student room in Maastricht?

If you want to rent a room or studio in Maastricht, it is good to know what a city has to offer. As the oldest city in the Netherlands, Maastricht has a great attraction. Not only to tourists, but especially to new inhabitants. More and more students choose to study and rent a room in Maastricht. Maastricht is a cozy city with beautiful squares, streets, churches, museums and monuments that show an eventful history. Besides the fact that Maastricht is rich in culture and history, there are also numerous restaurants and bars, where it is pleasant until late at night. This is an important reason for many students to rent a room in Maastricht.

Transport in Maastricht

As in many historic cities, the bicycle is the best means of transportation. Wherever you rent a room or studio in Maastricht, you can park your bike for free anywhere in the city. Don't feel like cycling for once? Veolia Transport Limburg provides city and regional transport in the province of Limburg. When looking for a suitable room or studio you don't have to take into account the location of the bus stops. There is a bus stop in every district, so you'll be on the other side of town in no time!

University and colleges in Maastricht

The study possibilities are diverse; from Maastricht University to Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. If you're going to study at the university or one of the many colleges, the districts Jekerkwartier, Kommelkwartier, Statenkwartier, Boschstraatkwartier and the city center are very suitable locations to rent a room. However, there are a number of schools that are located outside these neighborhoods. Maastricht School of Management and the Academy of Obstetrics, for example, are located in Maastricht-Zuidoost. Here you will find the popular student districts of Randwyck and Heugem, where we also have a large selection of student housing.

Going out in Maastricht

Besides the fact that the school where you're going to study is essential for determining where to rent a room in Maastricht, the nightlife is also very important. Wednesday night is Maastricht's student night out and the city center is full of students. Would you like to roll home after walking? Then rent a room in the city center of Maastricht!
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