Studios Groningen

Find out everything you need to know about renting studios in Groningen. What does Groningen have to offer in terms of culture, nightlife and amenities? Can you easily rent studios in Groningen? What are the great neighborhoods to find studios?

Studios Groningen

Groningen is one of the most fun and popular student cities in the Netherlands. This means a vibrant city center, plenty of life, and plenty of opportunity to go out and build a social life. Many graduates stick around in Groningen for that reason, but there are also some who settle newly in the city as young professionals. Whichever category you fall into, Groningen is a perfect city for young adults, singles and starters on the housing market looking for studios. Studios are a perfect option if you are just starting to live on your own, but don't need a larger apartment or house. In some cases, studios are rented out furnished, which can be convenient if you don't have your own furniture, or if you don't expect to stay in town for years.

About renting studios in Groningen

You can find studios in various places in the city of Groningen, but especially in the city center and the neighborhoods around it. Which neighbourhood is a good place for starters to live? As a young professional with a job, you probably have a slightly different daily routine than the average student, so you might prefer a studio in a quiet spot. But many starters still choose to live in a central location, within walking or cycling distance of the city center and nightlife. Groningen is a relatively compact city, and everything can actually be done by bike. This helps you to make choices and to know what suits you.


Popular areas for studios in Groningen

The center is the most lively part of the city. Here you will find all the stores, restaurants, and nightlife. The center is a nice place to live, but expect higher rents.

The Schilderswijk and Zeeheldenbuurt are also attractive neighborhoods just outside the city center. Beautiful neighborhoods with beautiful old mansions, and easy access to the nearby Noorderplantsoen. This park is a perfect place to sunbathe, exercise or meet up for a picnic with friends.

The Oosterpoort is another popular neighborhood among both students and young professionals. There are many old buildings but also small fishermen's cottages. For a daily bite at a restaurant or a beer at the bar, this neighborhood is also the place to be. For lovers of pop music and culture, you also have De Oosterpoort at your disposal, one of the best cultural centers in Groningen.

The Korrewegwijk district is also a popular area for students, and a short bike ride from the center. Here you will find slightly lower room prices, and you also have the convenience of a local shopping center nearby for your cheaper shopping at the Jumbo or Aldi.

Are you a starter or young professional and would you like to rent a studio apartment in Groningen? There are plenty of nice neighborhoods where you can find suitable studios. Make a list of your criteria and start looking!

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