Standard rental contracts

On this page you can download a number of example leases in PDF & Word format.

No rights can be derived from these contracts. We always advise you to consult a legal advisor. Source of these model contracts is ROZ (Council for Real Estate).

Example rental contract

We have prepared a number of example rental contracts for you that you can use to rent or let a room, studio, apartment or rental property.

Example lease for an indefinite period

Our rental contract for an indefinite period of time is intended for renting accommodation for which you do not wish to set an explicit end date. This gives the landlord some exta rights such as the reason for termination, for example: renovation, urgent own use or because the tenant fails to behave like a good tenant.

Lease for an indefinite period (PDF)
Lease for an indefinite period (Word)

Example rental contract for a definite period

In the case of a fixed-term lease, you agree on an end date on which you must leave the accommodation. In that case, the landlord does not have to give an urgent reason as in the case of an indefinite lease.

Rental contract for a definite period (PDF)
Rental contract for a definite period (Word)

General provisions in the case of a tenancy agreement for living accommodation

The tenancy agreement for a definite and indefinite period regularly refers to articles from the General provisions of the tenancy agreement for residential accommodation. This document describes in more detail, for example, the settlement of gas, water and electricity. You must have received or enclosed this when signing the tenancy agreement.

General provisions living accommodation
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