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Find out everything you need to know about renting rooms in Groningen. What does Groningen have to offer in terms of culture, nightlife and amenities? Can you easily rent rooms in Groningen? What are the great neighborhoods to find rooms?

Rooms Groningen

Groningen is one of the most fun and popular student cities in the Netherlands. It has both a university and a college of higher education, which means there are a lot of students living there. Of the 230,000 inhabitants in Groningen, no less than 25% are students. This northern city has a vibrant city center, great student life, and plenty of opportunity to go out and build a social life. When you decide to study in Groningen, you will probably start looking for student housing. Finding rooms in Groningen can be a challenge, because of course you're not the only one looking, especially right before the new academic year, but with so many nice neighborhoods, and student rooms in the city you're bound to find a suitable place to live.


About renting rooms in Groningen

Which neighbourhood is nice for students to live in? Do you want to live close to or even in the city center so you can roll into bed from the pub? Or do you prefer living close to the Zernike complex, so you can study in peace and quiet and get to college quickly? There are many possibilities. Groningen is a relatively compact city, and everything can actually be done by bike. This helps you make choices and know what suits you when looking for rooms in Groningen.


Popular areas for rooms in Groningen

The center is the most lively part of the city. Here you will find all the stores, restaurants, and nightlife. Most student associations are located in the center as well. Several faculties and buildings of the RUG can be found here, including the Harmonie building and the Academy building. And of course not forgetting the University Library. The center is a nice place to live, but expect higher rents.

Just outside the center are the Schilderswijk and Zeeheldenbuurt neighborhoods. Here you will find many student houses in beautiful old mansions. The Noorderplantsoen is also close by: a perfect place to sunbathe, exercise or meet up with friends for a picnic.

The Oosterpoort generally attracts a mix of young couples and students. There are many old buildings but also small fishermen's cottages. There is certainly no shortage of eateries and pubs either. De Oosterpoort, one of the cultural centers of Groningen, is also located in this district. Here you can go for pop concerts and other fun performances.

The Korrewegwijk district is also a popular area for students, and a short bike ride from the center. Here you will find slightly lower room prices, and you also have the convenience of a local shopping center nearby for your cheaper groceries at the Jumbo or Aldi.

If you attend college at the Zernike complex, or like to play sports at the ACLO, the Selwerd/Paddepoel district is a good option. This district has a large shopping center and is close to the Zernike complex. As a student, it is fairly easy to find a room in large student flats, where most international students end up.

Studying in Groningen is great, and once you've found a room, you'll have the time of your life. Because there are so many students living in Groningen, there's always life in the brewery. Cultural events, associations, activities, festivals and a vibrant nightlife, there's plenty to do as a student. You won't regret moving to Groningen.



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