For rent: Room Rotterdam (Willemskade)



  • 599 p/m
  • 16m2
  • 1.9 km
  • Rooms:1
  • Rental price:Including gas, water & electricity
  • Date available: Immediately indefinitely


For rent on a unique location on the most beautiful place of Rotterdam.
At this location,spread over 7 floors 136 furnished rooms are currently offered!

Many rooms have a private bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. (only 18 rooms out of 136 will have to share the bathroom) The kitchen must be shared with a few other students.

All kitchens are equipped with a hob, extractor and oven.

The rooms will be delivered furnished with their own refrigerator, bed, desk, closet, chair and TV.

The price is structured as follows;
Rent: 458.50
G / we: 40
TV / internet: 36.30
Other service costs: 75
Rent furniture 60

Total 669.80

There is also a professional launderette where you can wash for a fee.

Ontime costs tenant 250 euros for:
Crockery & cutlery
6x polished stainless steel table knife;
6x polished stainless steel table fork;
6x polished stainless steel table spoon;
6x polished stainless steel dessert spoon;
6x dinner plate, white, earthenware Ø 27 centimeters;
6x breakfast plate, white, earthenware Ø 20 centimeters;
6x dish, white, earthenware Ø 13 centimeters;
6x cup / mug of 26 centilitre content;
6x drinking glass of 25 centilitre content;
6x wine glass with a capacity of 24 centiliters;
1x plastic cutting board of 25x15cm;
1x salad bowl with salad cutlery;
1x stainless steel chef's knife with a 20cm blade;
3x wooden ladles;
1x spatula;
1x stainless steel colander Ø 24 centimeters;
1x bottle opener with corkscrew;
1x towel of 50x50cm;
1x tea towel of 65x65cm.

Bed & Bath
1x pillow of 50x70cm, white, 850grams silicone filling;
1x duvet of 150x200cm, white, 300grams per m2 silicone filling;
1x duvet cover of 160x210cm with 15cm swisslock, white, 100% cotton;
1x pillowcase of 50x70cm with 20cm flap, white, 100% cotton;
1x mattress sheet for a 90x200cm mattress, white, 100% cotton;
1x bath towel of 50x80cm, white, 400grams per m2 terry cloth, seamlessly finished;
1x bath towel of 70x140cm, white, 400grams per m2 terry cloth, seamlessly finished;
1x washcloth / guest towel of 30x30cm white, 450grams per m2 terry cloth, seamlessly finished;

1x Glassex Glass & Multispray of 750ml;
1x Ajax all-purpose cleaner of 1000ml in varying scent choices;
1x Glorix thick bleach of 750ml;
1x microfibre floor mop with movable head;
1x household bucket with 12 liters content, black;
1x hand window wiper in varying color choice;
1x dustpan & dustpan made of PVC in varying color choice;
1x soft broom with adjustable handle;
1x microfiber cloth in varying color choice;
1x chamois;
1x soft sponge in varying color choice;
10x scouring pads in varying color choice;
8x cleaning wipes in varying color choice;

Cooking set
1x polished stainless steel saucepan Ø 18 centimeters;
1x polished stainless steel pan with lid Ø 20 centimeters;
1x polished stainless steel pan with lid Ø 22 centimeters;
1x polished stainless steel pan with lid Ø 24 centimeters;
1x frying pan of Ø 26 centimeters with non-stick coating;
1x wok pan of Ø 28 centimeters with non-stick coating.


  • Provider:Broker/commercial landlord
  • Rooms:1
  • Preferred gender:Doesn't matter
  • Register municipality:Yes
  • Maintenance:Good
  • Interior:Furnished
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For rent: Room Rotterdam Willemskade


  • Place:Rotterdam
  • Street:Willemskade
  • ZIP/Postal:3016DK
  • Neighborhood:Nieuwe Werk
  • District:Rotterdam Centrum
  • Distance to center 1.9 km

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