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Rent Den Haag Benoordenhout

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  • Apartment Van Alkemadelaan in Den Haag
    • 1,600 p/m
    • 150m2
    • 4.1 km
    • Spacious 3-room maisonette of over 150m2 in a beautiful complex called "Residence Groenendaal 1" on the Van Alkemadelaan in Benoordenhout. The apartment is conveniently located near various amenities…

  • Apartment Breitnerlaan in Den Haag
    • 1,650 p/m
    • 96m2
    • 3.6 km
    • Very attractive and spacious (approx. 96m2) four-room apartment on the second floor with two bedrooms, a spacious balcony (southeast) at the back, a balcony (northwest) at the front and a very large …

  • Apartment Thérèse Schwartzestraat in Den Haag
    • 2,400 p/m
    • 121m2
    • 4.1 km
    • Thérèse Schwartze Street 20 A fantastic luxurious and spacious corner apartment in a small apartment complex in a prime location! It offers a very spacious L-shaped living room with lots of light th…

  • Apartment Theo Mann-Bouwmeesterlaan in Den Haag
    • 2,500 p/m
    • 123m2
    • 4.6 km
    • Beautifully furnished 2-bedroom apartment (123m²) on Theo Mann-Bouwmeesterlaan 64 in Benoordenhout. The apartment is well maintained and features a spacious living / dining room (4.4 meters wide), a …

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  • Apartment Paul Gabriëlstraat in Den Haag
    • 2,250 p/m
    • 103m2
    • 3.3 km
    • Fantastic 4-room apartment (two bedrooms) in the beautiful and green Benoordenhout in The Hague. The apartment has been completely renovated with a beautiful finish, keeping the original and authenti…

  • Apartment Goetlijfstraat in Den Haag
    • 2,250 p/m
    • 165m2
    • 3.4 km
    • Beautiful and spacious apartment overlooking the park, located at Goetlijfstraat 38, 2596 RJ in The Hague. This apartment is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Benoordenhout, close to Shell, em…

  • House Van Stienhovenstraat in Den Haag
    • 2,950 p/m
    • 180m2
    • 3.7 km
    • Spacious townhouse with front and back garden, 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in Benoordenhout, one of the city's greenest and most sought-after neighborhoods. Ideally located within walking distance of…

  • House Van Meerkerkestraat in Den Haag
    • 3,600 p/m
    • 200m2
    • 3.4 km
    • A beautiful partially furnished family home with 4 spacious bedrooms, 2 smaller bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a fireplace and back entrance. This house is located in a beautiful, quiet and child-friendly…

  • Apartment Ruychrocklaan in Den Haag
    • 3,500 p/m
    • 140m2
    • 4.0 km
    • Beautifully located 4/5-room apartment of 140 m² with stunning views of Park Clingendael. The apartment is located on the 6th floor and has a balcony facing southeast. Centrally located near dunes, b…

  • Apartment Jan Muschlaan in Den Haag
    • 3,000 p/m
    • 200m2
    • 4.6 km
    • Spacious 5-bedroom apartment in Benoordenhout, The Hague. This apartment is 200 m2 in size and located on the 5th floor, offering stunning views of both the city and the dunes. The apartment has been…

  • House Roelofsstraat in Den Haag
    • 4,500 p/m
    • 190m2
    • 3.2 km
    • Spacious, attractive family home with 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in excellent condition! This home is located in the child-friendly neighborhood of Benoordenhout, with a sunny front yard and backyard…

  • House De Mildestraat in Den Haag
    • 4,250 p/m
    • 234m2
    • 3.7 km
    • Beautiful 4-bedroom corner home with 3 bathrooms and extra-wide front and backyard. Located on a quiet one-way street in the city's greenest neighborhood, this charming family home is conveniently lo…

  • Apartment Ary Schefferstraat in Den Haag
    • 1,850 p/m
    • 83m2
    • 3.8 km
    • This charming home in beautiful Benoordenhout will soon be available. The house is upholstered, is located on the ground floor and has 2 bedrooms and is in excellent condition! The beautiful wooden …

  • House Van Nijenrodestraat in Den Haag
    • 4,500 p/m
    • 180m2
    • 3.6 km
    • This is the summary: For rent: Van Nijenrodestraat 51, 2597 RK The Hague. Temporary rental (maximum 12 months). Completely new, high quality finished and luxurious family house with sunny garden in …

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