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Apartment for rent Rotterdam Kralingen-Crooswijk

12 found

  • Apartment Goudse Rijweg in Rotterdam
    • 535 p/m
    • 22m2
    • 1.0 km
    • || DUE TO GREAT INTEREST, IT IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE TO SCHEDULE A VIEWING! || A great location where both the bustle of the center and the tranquility of the Kralingse Plas are literally within walki…

  • Apartment 1e Jerichostraat in Rotterdam
    • 1,195 p/m
    • 90m2
    • 1.0 km
    • **VIEWING = COMPLETELY BOOKED! If you send us an e-mail, you will be put on the waiting list.** ROTTERDAM KRALINGEN: Furnished DOUBLE LAYERED apartment with 2 SPACIOUS bedrooms, ideal for HOUSE SHAR…

  • Apartment Admiraal de Ruyterweg in Rotterdam
    • 1,280 p/m
    • 64m2
    • 1.2 km
    • ROTTERDAM CITY CENTER: Completely renovated 3-room apartment, with 2 almost equal bedrooms, in a fantastic location. The property is ideal for 2 house sharers! ** Interested? Please respond by the c…

  • Apartment Jonker Fransstraat in Rotterdam
    • 1,295 p/m
    • 61m2
    • 1.3 km
    • **VIEWING = BOOKED! If you send us an e-mail, we will put you on the waiting list.** ROTTERDAM CITY CENTER: Completely RENOVATED 2 bedroom apartment located on the second floor, also suitable for 2 …

  • Apartment Waterloostraat in Rotterdam
    • 1,175 p/m
    • 50m2
    • 0.8 km
    • ROTTERDAM KRALINGEN: Fully furnished 1 bedroom apartment on the first floor. The apartment is located in a quiet street close to Erasmus University! ** Interested? Please respond by the contact but…

  • Apartment IJsclubstraat in Rotterdam
    • 925 p/m
    • 40m2
    • 1.1 km
    • VIEWING = FULL!! If you send us an email, we will put you on the reserve list. ROTTERDAM KRALINGEN: Fully FURNISHED studio on the TOPfloor on a GREAT location! ** Interested? Please respond by the…

  • Apartment Adamshofstraat in Rotterdam
    • 1,895 p/m
    • 90m2
    • 0.7 km
    • Fully furnished 2-bedroom apartment (90 m2) located on Adamshofstraat in Rotterdam Kralingen. The apartment is part of a modern and respectable residential complex. Within close distance to Erasmus U…

  • Apartment Oostmaaslaan in Rotterdam
    • 1,950 p/m
    • 110m2
    • 0.8 km
    • No description available

  • Apartment Robert Baeldestraat in Rotterdam
    • 1,350 p/m
    • 80m2
    • 0.5 km
    • No description available

  • Apartment Watertorenweg in Rotterdam
    • 1,250 p/m
    • 66m2
    • 1.6 km
    • In the Rotterdam district "De Esch" a radical transformation of the so-called Snelfilter building took place. Sustainability is central to this transformation. The building on Watertorenweg is now th…

  • Apartment Snelfilterweg in Rotterdam
    • 1,300 p/m
    • 73m2
    • 2.0 km
    • Graag reageren voor meer informatie

  • Apartment Watertorenweg in Rotterdam
    • 1,325 p/m
    • 64m2
    • 1.6 km
    • In this beautiful building, this beautiful apartment is looking for new residents as of November 1st. The apartment has 2 bedrooms and will be delivered fully furnished. Furthermore, the apartment is…

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