For rent: Apartment Lent (Truus Gelsingstraat)

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  • 1,440 p/m
  • 96m2
  • 0.7 km
  • Rooms:2
  • Rental price: Excluding gas, water & electricity
  • Date available: Immediately indefinitely

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Living-Inn Nijmegen is a new construction project that offers a carefree future to seniors and starters. The concept revolves around meeting and being together, where young and old work together to create a good life. Living-Inn will be located in the "Hof van Holland" neighborhood, the new heart of Nijmegen-North. The shopping center "Hart van de Waalsprong" will be the bustling center here.

The project focuses on different target groups. Starters looking for a lively living environment with social contacts and seniors in need of a comfortable home suitable for all stages of life. These seniors can continue to live in the apartment with their partner, with all necessary care provided at home. There are also apartments available for needy seniors with specific care needs, such as dementia or somatic assistance.

Living-Inn offers a wide range of amenities, including hospitality, nursery, swimming pool, beauty center, specialized elderly care, and a care wing with 24/7 professional somatic and psychological care. There is also a health center dedicated to the elderly, with various disciplines such as a general practitioner, pharmacy and physical therapy.

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  • Provider: Broker/commercial landlord
  • Rooms:2
  • Preferred gender:None
  • Register municipality:Yes
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For rent: Apartment Lent Truus Gelsingstraat


  • Place:Lent
  • Street:Truus Gelsingstraat
  • ZIP/Postal:6663RE
  • Neighborhood:
  • District:
  • Distance to center 0.7 km
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