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About Naomí Domacassé

Hey hey 👋 My name is Naomi Domacassé, I am a 18-year-old student from Curaçao, the dutch caribbean. You could say I’m dutch too haha and I speak the Dutch language as well! Currently I am studying Creative Business at Buas as a 1st year student. Moreover, my hobbies are - reading books, painting, swimming and playing tennis. At the moment I am looking forward to rent a STUDIO, so I can have space for myself. Furthermore, I love cleaning and keep my stuff at their assigned place, etc. Till to this day I loveeeee living in the Breda, The Netherlands! In august I will be living here for a year, interesting how time flies. Ps: My birthday is on the 12th of September (2002), for some unexplainable reason it will not change in the settings :/

Personal information

  • Age: -5 years
  • Phone number: (view after logging in)
  • I’m currently: Student
  • Education: HBO
  • I smoke: No
  • Pets: No
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