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  2. How does the site work?

  3. How do I find housing?

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My sent response(s)

  1. What happens to my response?

  2. When can I expect a response back?

  3. What if the landlord wants the deposit and rent in advance?

Frequently asked questions about renting

Rental agreements

  1. What needs to be included in a rental contract?

  2. What may not be included in a rental contract?

  3. What is special about a temporary rental contract?

  4. What happens if you don't have a rental contract?

Rental prices

  1. How do you request a split of your all-in rent?

  2. When can the bare rent be increased?

  3. How high may the service costs be?

  4. What is the maximum rent?

  5. What extra costs can a landlord charge?

  6. How high may the bare rent be?

  7. What can you do if the bare rent is too high?

  8. What can you do if the service costs are too high?

Renting and the municipality

  1. What is an independent living space?

  2. Am I entitled to a housing benefit?

  3. Do you have to register with the municipality?


  1. Is subletting allowed?

  2. What can happen if you are illegally subletting?


  1. Who does what in terms of maintenance?

  2. What can you do if the landlord does not do the necessary maintenance?

Rental terminations

  1. How should the landlord terminate the lease?

  2. Is the tenant allowed to cancel the rent?

  3. How should the tenant terminate the lease?

  4. The landlord sells the house. Now what?

  5. Is the landlord allowed to cancel the rental agreement?

  6. What is a reasonable 'severance package'?

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