What can happen if you are illegally subletting?

A sublease is a normal lease, and you can derive the same rights from it towards the landlord as with any other lease. However, the fact that you are subletting can cause problems. This is the case when the main tenant did not have permission to sublet all or part of his house or room. The owner can then terminate the rental contract with the main tenant due to breach of contract. Even if the contract between owner and main tenant is terminated for another reason, problems arise. After all, you have a rental contract with someone who no longer has a house / room to let. Moreover, if it concerns self-contained housing, the owner may immediately decide to evict you from the house because you do not have a housing permit. In this case you will have to leave the house immediately. However, you can try to hold the main tenant liable for any damage you incur (moving expenses, costs of finding new accommodation).

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