Do you have to register with the municipality?

If you move, you should inform the Municipal Administration (GBA) of your new address within five working days. This means that when you come to live in a place for the first time, you must register with the municipality. You will then automatically be deregistered from your old place of residence. You can easily register via the internet, or in person at the town hall. However, you will need to bring proof of identity with you. The municipality does not check whether you are registered at the right address. If you do not give your address information (properly), it is not punishable, at most very unwise. The Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO, the former IBG) checks on a monthly basis on the basis of these registration details whether you have received a scholarship for people living abroad. If you are not registered at the right address, they will assume that you still live with your parents and the scholarship will be retroactively converted into a scholarship for people living at home. Registering with the municipality is also important because there are a number of rights attached to this.

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