What is a reasonable 'severance package'?

For a severance package ('oprotpremie') are no legal rules or guidelines. Tenant and landlord must together determine what is reasonable. In order to give you something to hold on to:

  • Moving costs so'n 400 euros. You probably want to do some painting, lay new carpeting, have your blinds cut to size, and it is also questionable whether you can take all your furniture with you or whether you should buy new furniture. If you have so much furniture that you have to transport it by car or van, then the whole thing becomes even more expensive.
  • If you have to find other housing in the short term, and you want something of the same quality, it will probably be more expensive than where you live now. What you can then do is multiply the amount of extra rent you would have to pay by the time you were planning to stay in your current room/house.
    Example: you now rent a room in the city center for 200 euros per month. You've seen that if you so'n same kind of room in an equally nice place you can rent it immediately for 275 euro per month. You expect to be busy with your studies for another 2 years. In this case you can, in addition to the moving costs,  75,- euro x 24 months = 1800 euro of the renters to compensate for the higher rent.

Please note: the above is just an example. As said, there are no officialële guidelines for this kind of situations. Tenant and landlord are completely free to determine what is reasonable.

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