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Find out everything you need to know about renting apartments in Groningen. What does Groningen have to offer in terms of culture, nightlife and amenities? Can you easily rent apartments in Groningen? What are the great neighborhoods to find apartments?

Apartments Groningen

'There's nothing like Groningen' has been the slogan of the northernmost city in the Netherlands for years, so it's not surprising that this city is a popular choice for both students and young professionals on the housing market. Groningen is buzzing! Many singles, couples and starters choose to rent apartments in Groningen.  Groningen has a cozy city center, with plenty of opportunities to go out and build a social life. Whatever category you fall into, this is a perfect city for renters on the housing market looking for apartments.


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About renting apartments in Groningen

Apartments in Groningen can be found at various locations in both the center and the suburbs. If you like to go out and have all the pubs and stores within walking distance, then look for a place to live in the center or in one of the nice neighborhoods just outside, such as around the Noorderplantsoen.  As a young professional with a job you probably have a slightly different daily routine than the average student, so you might prefer living in a quieter place. Also, apartments further out of the center are often more spacious, and can be rented for lower prices. Groningen is a relatively compact city, and everything can be done by bike. Public transportation also takes you quickly to the city center. Make a list of your criteria when looking for apartments in Groningen. This will help you make choices and know what suits you.


Popular areas for apartments in Groningen

The center is the most lively part of the city and is characterized by canal houses, characteristic streets and a vibrant nightlife. Here you will find all the stores, restaurants and nightlife. The center is a nice place to live, but expect higher rents and less supply.

For those who prefer peace and quiet, one of the neighborhoods outside the center would be more appropriate. Think of the Rivierenbuurt, near the station. The Schilderswijk and Zeeheldenbuurt are also worth looking at for apartments for starters in Groningen. Here you will find apartments on the first floor, often with a little garden, or beautiful upstairs apartments in old mansions. From here you also have easy access to the nearby Noorderplantsoen.

The Oosterpoort is another popular neighborhood among young professionals looking for apartments in Groningen. There are many old buildings but also small fishermen's cottages. Cultural center De Oosterpoort is located here, and plenty of eateries and pubs for your Friday afternoon drink.

Vinkhuizen: a neighborhood at a considerable distance from the center, but attractive to many young couples who want to live a bit larger and cheaper.

The Helpman area is also worth mentioning: this area is somewhat less popular because of the distance from the center, but here you will find relatively cheap apartments and rental houses.

Whether you are looking for apartments close to the center of Groningen or quietly in a suburb, put your criteria in a row, and check out the offer.



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